• Hot Sale Customized Mobile Travel Trailer

    Hot Sale Customized Mobile Travel Trailer

    The JTY-L420 travel trailer made by juntianyou adopts the commonly used appearance design scheme of European towed trailer. The overall design is simple and fashionable, which can provide a variety of body color choices according to customers' different needs.The overall size of this L420 trailer is 5660 2170 2580mm. Although the overall length of the trailer is less than 6 meters, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other functions inside the trailer are complete, which can meet the needs of a family traveling together.When the family drives together to the destination, the L420 trailer can be separated from the tractor, and can be stably parked through the front supporting foot of the trailer, while the tractor can move normally.The main reason why this model is favored by the majority of tourists is its cost performance and attractive price, but it can meet your travel needs. It is a very practical and comfortable model.
  • Factory Price China Travel Trailer

    Factory Price China Travel Trailer

    As a travel trailer used in the positioning camp, JTY-L460 is a good choice. The detailed design and reasonable layout can fully meet the needs of a family of four for the camp.
  • Outdoor Mobile Led Bus Advertising Vehicle

    Outdoor Mobile Led Bus Advertising Vehicle

    Jingchuan E-L8900 bus advertising vehicle is a breakthrough product of the company. As a high-end product of the company, this e-l8900 advertising vehicle is designed and manufactured for real estate companies, large production enterprises, listed companies and other customer groups.Use coach wide space, turn it into an exclusive from the customer enterprise positioning and image of the brand display mobile vehicles, such as customer group belong to the real estate industry, is this the bus advertising vehicle can incarnate for mobile office buildings and business negotiation hall, do not need to wait for the customer the door, can be directly take advertising vehicle to the customer, face to show to the customer.
  • Top Selling Outdoor Led Advertising Truck

    Top Selling Outdoor Led Advertising Truck

    In recent years, more and more foreign customers, they want to LED advertising truck have similar to traction advertising vehicles large screen can rotate, folding function, but also want the car can be configured with power chassis, mobile convenient, where you want to propaganda.And the emergence of JingChuan E - R360 advertising vehicle has fully meet the needs of both the foreign clients, the advertising vehicle broke the limitation of the box model on the screen area, based on the same power chassis configuration, E - type R360 advertising LED screen area of the vehicle can achieve 4800 x 3200 mm, this is a traditional box advertising car cannot do;At the same time, the car is equipped with imported silent generator, which can guarantee the power supply demand of advertising car anytime and anywhere;And also have traction type advertising vehicle hydraulic folding, hydraulic lift, screen rotation system, can realize the LED screen visual range 360 ° the advantage of no dead Angle, and other functions, is to let E - R360 advertising vehicle became the darling of foreign customers eyes, is one of the best-selling products JingChuan company exports abroad in recent years.
  • Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Jingchuan E-W3360 led mobile truck is customized and modified with foton omacho special base plate and LED outdoor full-color energy-saving screen. E-W3360 mobile advertising car is drivable with blue card C with a body length of less than 6 meters. The chassis design of small models enables it to move freely in the city after being registered and licensed, without any negative impact of road rushing and road blocking.Jingchuan e-w3360led mobile truck is equipped with multimedia playing system, supporting U disk playing, supporting mainstream video format, can move freely, timely change information and change the communication strategy and location of the advertising terminal;It plays the role of commodity publicity and customer attraction. It is a new advertisement communication carrier integrating advertisement, information release and TV broadcast. It is the preferred vehicle for the promotion of users.
  • Latest Outdoor Advertising Product  Led Advertising Vehicle

    Latest Outdoor Advertising Product Led Advertising Vehicle

    With the development of the city, the full-color LED screen has gradually become prominent, which can not only decorate the urban life, but also bring huge business opportunities to our life. Jingchuan creates an LED screen on the wheel, which breaks the traditional fixed LED screen and turns into a portable LED screen anytime and anywhere.The high-end custom E - FS360 LED mobile advertising vehicle adopts full screen design, can be 360 ° rotating LED screen, visual range, no dead Angle, break the defects of the traditional single screen communication effect can be doubled.
  • Factory Supply Solar Energy Saving Screen

    Factory Supply Solar Energy Saving Screen

    adopts self-encapsulated high-brightness LED light, original energy-saving technology, low power and low voltage drive integrated circuit, solar power supply, brightness automatic regulation, saving electricity and reducing operating costs;Multiple waterproof design, waterproof and dustproof grade IP65/IP54, safer to use, specially designed for outdoor naked.
  • JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer

    JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer

    JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer used for outdoor information bulletin, image advertising, advertising activities, information media, business promotion activities,  Social organizations, institutions, schools organized various promotional activities, road traffic guidance variable information display.
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