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  • Low Price Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Low Price Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    JingChuan E - AL3360 mobile LED truck, Mr. Bell, use special card, vehicle appearance size: 5995 mm * 2160 mm * 3240 mm, E - AL3360 mobile advertising car body blue card is less than 6 m C card drive, E - AL3360 mobile advertising car one-sided or two-sided alternative configuration of large outdoor full-color LED display screen, the screen area reaches 3520 x 1760 mm, can be unilateral or bilateral lifting domestic, configurable automatic hydraulic stage, stage unfolds, the car is moving stage.Jingchuan e-al3360 mobile LED advertising car is equipped with multimedia playing system, supporting U disk playing and mainstream video format
  • High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    Trailer hook is also called trailer ball, is a kind of spherical trailer device, by fixing bracket, spherical towing hook and other accessories, round head, can be used for towing advertising trailer, yacht, motorcycle, trailer, etc.
  • Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale

    Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale

    In overseas markets, LED advertising vehicle is at a high speed development and the rise of growth stage, the current LED advertising cars made in China cost about 30% of the overseas similar products - 50%, this let us have a greater competitive advantage on price, while countries "neighbourhood" policy in "escort" for us, help us to develop the overseas market smoothly;A large number of outdoor LED media operators keep emerging in overseas markets. Under the situation of continuous technological innovation, price decline and huge potential market, LED advertising vehicles will be more widely used, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life.And in this drive, LED advertising car industry will get more opportunities to develop, maintain the good momentum of vigorous development. However, at present, many countries and regions prohibit the import of powered chassis from other countries. Facing this situation, our jingchuan company designed and produced this e-tw4700 LED advertising car without powered chassis, which is specially designed for regional customer groups who cannot import powered chassis.
  • E-C60 LED Container Truck

    E-C60 LED Container Truck

    Jingchuan company launched a large, giant screen E-C60 LED container truck, which suitable for large-scale events and television stations。It can be used for live, rebroadcast. The screen area reaches 60 square meters, using outdoor p6 full color screen,。It can realize remote broadcast, and rebroadcast,。the large screen can be rotated 360 degrees, or folded into a small screen into the box, raised up to 11 meters high。 With automatic folding stage, the area can reach more than 30 square meters, can realize small performance.
  • JCT Rotating LED Display

    JCT Rotating LED Display

    Jingchuan Rotating led display can be used both for indoor and outdoor. The three triangular shape structure can hold 9 small screens in total and each rotates in different speed. When rotation ends, all screen will be stopped and form a complete advertising images or broadcast video as you need. The unique design is perfect for major airport, railway station or high-end shopping center, squares, etc.
  • Hot Sale Good Quality Full Automatic Stage Truck

    Hot Sale Good Quality Full Automatic Stage Truck

    The E-WT6200 full-automatic stage car made by jingchuan company adopts foton omacho special chassis. The overall size of the car is 8730x2370x3990mm, and the box size is 6200x2170x2365mm.The car is equipped with hd outdoor LED screen, screen size is 4416 x2112mm, with fully automatic hydraulic stage, professional audio lighting, all of the stage form pre-installed in the region of the car, but by modified based on the characteristics of activities, optimize the internal space, without the traditional stage structures, remove the time-consuming defect, the more effectively and more quickly, and can and other closely integrated marketing communication means, and realization of function is derived.
  • Factory Supply Hydraulic Brake Connector

    Factory Supply Hydraulic Brake Connector

    Australian impact type hydraulic brake connector(Trailer Coupler), with parking brake lever, the material is ductile iron casting parts, with 50mm ball head, mainly used in advertising trailer, trailer, trailer screen and other trailer chassis.
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