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  • JCT LED Home Display Truck

    JCT LED Home Display Truck

    The so-called "seeing is believing", how to choose from the gorgeous exhibition hall to the needs of customers, close to the life display strength, set display media in one LED home display truck will become an effective way to promote furniture brand. Whether at the exhibition site or at the designated event, LED home display trucks can perfectly show the brand connotation to consumers. The domestic leading LED screen display technology can clearly present the trend style and quality details, bringing a perfect audio and video experience, which makes people stand on the investment; physical display, real quality details, immersively promote sales.
    At the same time, LED home display truck's own professional and advanced media image will also bring more favorable propaganda and guidance, trigger more attention of consumers, promote and promote the development and promotion of the home industry.
  • Top Selling Outdoor Led Advertising Truck

    Top Selling Outdoor Led Advertising Truck

    In recent years, more and more foreign customers, they want to LED advertising truck have similar to traction advertising vehicles large screen can rotate, folding function, but also want the car can be configured with power chassis, mobile convenient, where you want to propaganda.And the emergence of JingChuan E - R360 advertising vehicle has fully meet the needs of both the foreign clients, the advertising vehicle broke the limitation of the box model on the screen area, based on the same power chassis configuration, E - type R360 advertising LED screen area of the vehicle can achieve 4800 x 3200 mm, this is a traditional box advertising car cannot do;At the same time, the car is equipped with imported silent generator, which can guarantee the power supply demand of advertising car anytime and anywhere;And also have traction type advertising vehicle hydraulic folding, hydraulic lift, screen rotation system, can realize the LED screen visual range 360 ° the advantage of no dead Angle, and other functions, is to let E - R360 advertising vehicle became the darling of foreign customers eyes, is one of the best-selling products JingChuan company exports abroad in recent years.
  • High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    Trailer hook is also called trailer ball, is a kind of spherical trailer device, by fixing bracket, spherical towing hook and other accessories, round head, can be used for towing advertising trailer, yacht, motorcycle, trailer, etc.
  • China Customized Mobile Advertising Led Stage Truck

    China Customized Mobile Advertising Led Stage Truck

    The e-wt4200 mobile stage vehicle created by jingchuan company adopts the special chassis of futian aolin. The overall size of the vehicle is 5995 2090 3260mm. The vehicle can be driven with blue license and C1 driving license.The car is equipped with hd outdoor LED, fully automatic hydraulic stage, professional audio lighting, all of the stage form pre-installed in the region of the car, but by modified based on the characteristics of activities, optimize the internal space, without the traditional stage structures, remove the time-consuming defect, the more effectively and more quickly, and can and other closely integrated marketing communication means, and realization of function is derived.
  • Factory Price China Travel Trailer

    Factory Price China Travel Trailer

    As a travel trailer used in the positioning camp, JTY-L460 is a good choice. The detailed design and reasonable layout can fully meet the needs of a family of four for the camp.
  • Wholesale High Quality Trailer Jack

    Wholesale High Quality Trailer Jack

    Trailer jack are mainly used in advertising trailer, trailer trailer, car screen and other trailer chassis quick parking support, lifting, etc.
  • High Quality Foldable Screen Mobile Led Trailer

    High Quality Foldable Screen Mobile Led Trailer

    JingChuan E-F12 mobile LEDtrailer for the first time appeared in September 2015, Shanghai international LED show, when once the appearance has attracted the attention of many tourists at home and abroad, high-definition waterproof outdoor full color LED, configuration of high-power outdoor stereo, in line with the international mainstream aesthetic appearance design, plus a key to screen, screen automatically for a key inside the function such as folding, makes many clients to the exhibition stand in front of E - F12 mobile LED promotional trailer, to get to know more information about the promotional trailer, this is absolutely a high ratio of outdoor mobile advertising trailers.
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    Rotating LED Display

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