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  • High Quality Holiday Type C RV

    High Quality Holiday Type C RV

    For those who love cross-country and travel, the touring car is a real "home on wheels", which makes traveling and enjoying the sense of belonging at the same time, and also makes it a reality. This fashion product of "travel in life, travel in life" has been popular in western countries such as Europe and America for many years, and now it is gradually gaining popularity in China.
  • Hot Sale Customized Mobile Travel Trailer

    Hot Sale Customized Mobile Travel Trailer

    The JTY-L420 travel trailer made by juntianyou adopts the commonly used appearance design scheme of European towed trailer. The overall design is simple and fashionable, which can provide a variety of body color choices according to customers' different needs.The overall size of this L420 trailer is 5660 2170 2580mm. Although the overall length of the trailer is less than 6 meters, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other functions inside the trailer are complete, which can meet the needs of a family traveling together.When the family drives together to the destination, the L420 trailer can be separated from the tractor, and can be stably parked through the front supporting foot of the trailer, while the tractor can move normally.The main reason why this model is favored by the majority of tourists is its cost performance and attractive price, but it can meet your travel needs. It is a very practical and comfortable model.
  • Factory Price China Travel Trailer

    Factory Price China Travel Trailer

    As a travel trailer used in the positioning camp, JTY-L460 is a good choice. The detailed design and reasonable layout can fully meet the needs of a family of four for the camp.
  • Good Price Hydraulic Lifting Column

    Good Price Hydraulic Lifting Column

    Hydraulic lifting column(hydraulic guide pillar)is a hydraulic pump station as the power unit of the automatic lifting equipment, its built-in hydraulic unit power (the driving part is placed in the cylinder) driving the column up and down, mainly used in LED screen lifting, folding, large screen 360 degrees rotation and other functions.
  • High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    Trailer hook is also called trailer ball, is a kind of spherical trailer device, by fixing bracket, spherical towing hook and other accessories, round head, can be used for towing advertising trailer, yacht, motorcycle, trailer, etc.
  • JCT LED Food Exhibition Truck

    JCT LED Food Exhibition Truck

    The food industry has a great demand for LED food exhibition truck. They often use led food exhibition truck to promote various kinds of food.This needs to be in a densely populated place, but if a promotion stage is built in a densely populated place, then a large amount of manpower and material resources need to be spent.However, there is no restriction on the location of the LED food display car, which can travel through the street with strong mobility. LED picture and sound are used for two-way publicity, ensuring the publicity effect and quality.
    The LED food exhibition truck created by JCT selects omarco, a high-end brand of foton automobile group, as its mobile chassis. With the world's top cummins super power, it boasts spacious driving space and broad vision.It is a fully automatic display and publicity vehicle specially developed for customers' outdoor activities such as commodity display, art performance, mobile road show, brand promotion and on-site promotion.JCT led exhibition truck is committed to creating a mobile experience store, breaking through the traditional interior decoration, mobile and convenient, can change the location, change information at any time, without installation and disassembly, lifting screen automatic hydraulic lifting, can be raised 1700cm after the push and pull glass door, the box is equipped with air conditioning, so that customers have a comfortable experience.
  • JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    The LED clothing display car built by Jingchuan can be used not only as an advertising campaign, but also as a mobile clothing exhibition car according to customer needs. The car is equipped with a silent generator, which can support media playback for more than 20 hours outdoors. It is undoubtedly very convenient for outdoor sales, you can play the required video and video. At the same time, for example, after installing the shelves in the car, it is definitely necessary to have a certain amount of light. At this time, there is no need to worry about the problem of using electricity. Such an LED clothing display car not only has an elegant appearance, but also can display a three-dimensional video animation form, and the playing content is rich and diverse, and the graphic information can be displayed in real time. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, drafting activities, sales show, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can also carry out on-site display, communication, interaction, and a wide range of publicity, effectively obtaining the effect of advertising.
    The clothing industry is often the easiest to accept. The appearance of LED advertising vehicles in the apparel industry has made many people realize the flow of display vehicles, which also promoted the development of clothing manufacturers.
  • JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

    JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

    JingChuan 40 square meters container stage truck is equipped with a large screen, which suitable for large events and TV stations as live, rebroadcast. The screen adopts outdoor p6 high definition full color screen, with an area of up to 40㎡, It can realize such functions as remote live broadcasting, rebroadcasting and joint broadcasting。The large LED screen can be rotated 360 degrees and folded up and down, which can be folded into a small screen and put into the truck box. It is equipped with automatic hydraulic lifting, which can reach 11 meters after lifting.
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