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  • Outdoor mobile led advertising trailer

    Outdoor mobile led advertising trailer

    Jingchuan EF16T mobile LED advertising trailers were added some new design philosophy in original foundation by Jingchuan company. E-F16T is a new customized product lunched in 2019,and which is positioning in overseas markets. EF16T mobile LED advertising trailer not only with the conventional double folding, hydraulic lift, 360 ° rotation, and other functions,but also added a container body concept, the full integration of all the equipment in a body. The advantage of this design is that guarantee the safety of the parking equipment and transportation convenience.Humanized design bring a new user experience.
  • JCT 40ft Container Mobile Stage Truck

    JCT 40ft Container Mobile Stage Truck

    JingChuan 40ft Container mobile STAGE TRUCK is a convenient flow stage, and can become the stage of special car, the car is equipped with outdoor LED, fully automatic hydraulic stage, professional audio lighting, the stage of all forms pre-installed in the region of the car, but by modified based on the characteristics of activities, optimize the internal space, without the traditional stage structures, remove the time-consuming defect, the more quickly and more effectively and can and other closely integrated marketing communication means, and realization of function is derived.
  • Cheap Price Solar Energy Saving Screen

    Cheap Price Solar Energy Saving Screen

    Solar energy saving screen(A4)adopts self-encapsulated high-brightness LED light, original energy-saving technology, low power and low voltage drive integrated circuit, solar power supply, brightness automatic regulation, saving electricity and reducing operating costs;Multiple waterproof design, waterproof and dustproof grade IP65/IP54, safer to use, specially designed for outdoor naked.
  • Cheap Price Solar Mobile Led Trailer

    Cheap Price Solar Mobile Led Trailer

    EF4 solar mobile led trailer first arrange solar, LED outdoor full color screen and mobile advertising trailers to integrated into an organic whole, breaking the previous mobile trailer LED power supply need to find an external power supply or carry the limitation of generator, directly use solar energy independent power supply mode, high performance, uninterrupted power supply, more conducive to environmental protection, in line with the new energy and energy saving policy, safe and reliable, without maintenance.
  • Outdoor Mobile Led Bus Advertising Vehicle

    Outdoor Mobile Led Bus Advertising Vehicle

    Jingchuan E-L8900 bus advertising vehicle is a breakthrough product of the company. As a high-end product of the company, this e-l8900 advertising vehicle is designed and manufactured for real estate companies, large production enterprises, listed companies and other customer groups.Use coach wide space, turn it into an exclusive from the customer enterprise positioning and image of the brand display mobile vehicles, such as customer group belong to the real estate industry, is this the bus advertising vehicle can incarnate for mobile office buildings and business negotiation hall, do not need to wait for the customer the door, can be directly take advertising vehicle to the customer, face to show to the customer.
  • E-C60 LED Container Truck

    E-C60 LED Container Truck

    Jingchuan company launched a large, giant screen E-C60 LED container truck, which suitable for large-scale events and television stations。It can be used for live, rebroadcast. The screen area reaches 60 square meters, using outdoor p6 full color screen,。It can realize remote broadcast, and rebroadcast,。the large screen can be rotated 360 degrees, or folded into a small screen into the box, raised up to 11 meters high。 With automatic folding stage, the area can reach more than 30 square meters, can realize small performance.
  • New Product Intelligent Remote Control Mobile Led Advertising Trailer

    New Product Intelligent Remote Control Mobile Led Advertising Trailer

    JCT e-f16 mobile LED advertising trailer is launched by jingchuan company in order to meet the customized needs of domestic and foreign customers. The screen size of 5120 3200mm can meet the needs of customers for super large screen.Compared with the same type of e-f22 rhubarb, e-f16 mobile LED advertising trailer is smaller in size and requires less floor space.E-f16 brand new fashion appearance design with black sense of technology, and set support, hydraulic lifting, rotation and other functions in one of the humane considerate service, to bring customers and target audience a new sensory experience.
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