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  • Outdoor Mobile Advertisin Mobile Led Trailer

    Outdoor Mobile Advertisin Mobile Led Trailer

    Jingchuan E-F4 mobile LED trailer is called "sparrows is small, but has all five parts", and is called "BMW mini" in jingchuan trailer series.The overall size of the e-f4 mobile LED advertising trailer is only 2700mm 1800mm 2600mm, less than 5 square meters can be used to park an e-f4, which does not affect the road traffic and saves the cost of site rental for some crowded downtown, square and other occasions.At the same time, the product is equipped with support, hydraulic lifting, rotating and other systems, complete functions;The screen size is 2560mm 1600mm, and the outdoor full-color screen is equipped with ultra-high definition, which can still bring people the best visual picture experience.
  • Factory Wholesale Price Led Mobile Trailer

    Factory Wholesale Price Led Mobile Trailer

    The design inspiration of the JCT e-f22 LED LED mobile trailer comes from the bumblebee in the movie transformers. With bright yellow appearance, the trailer chassis is very wide and full of domine.V-shaped design, no redundant decoration, simple but full impact;Whole appearance is quite full, line is clean and agile, angular trenchness, give a person a kind of massiness safe sense.In the jingchuan trailer series, this car is also called "bumblebee".
  • JCT Rotating LED Display

    JCT Rotating LED Display

    Jingchuan Rotating led display can be used both for indoor and outdoor. The three triangular shape structure can hold 9 small screens in total and each rotates in different speed. When rotation ends, all screen will be stopped and form a complete advertising images or broadcast video as you need. The unique design is perfect for major airport, railway station or high-end shopping center, squares, etc.
  • Outdoor mobile led advertising trailer

    Outdoor mobile led advertising trailer

    Jingchuan EF16T mobile LED advertising trailers were added some new design philosophy in original foundation by Jingchuan company. E-F16T is a new customized product lunched in 2019,and which is positioning in overseas markets. EF16T mobile LED advertising trailer not only with the conventional double folding, hydraulic lift, 360 ° rotation, and other functions,but also added a container body concept, the full integration of all the equipment in a body. The advantage of this design is that guarantee the safety of the parking equipment and transportation convenience.Humanized design bring a new user experience.
  • Good Price Hydraulic Lifting Column

    Good Price Hydraulic Lifting Column

    Hydraulic lifting column(hydraulic guide pillar)is a hydraulic pump station as the power unit of the automatic lifting equipment, its built-in hydraulic unit power (the driving part is placed in the cylinder) driving the column up and down, mainly used in LED screen lifting, folding, large screen 360 degrees rotation and other functions.
  • Low Price Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Low Price Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    JingChuan E - AL3360 mobile LED truck, Mr. Bell, use special card, vehicle appearance size: 5995 mm * 2160 mm * 3240 mm, E - AL3360 mobile advertising car body blue card is less than 6 m C card drive, E - AL3360 mobile advertising car one-sided or two-sided alternative configuration of large outdoor full-color LED display screen, the screen area reaches 3520 x 1760 mm, can be unilateral or bilateral lifting domestic, configurable automatic hydraulic stage, stage unfolds, the car is moving stage.Jingchuan e-al3360 mobile LED advertising car is equipped with multimedia playing system, supporting U disk playing and mainstream video format
  • Jingchuan 20 Foot Container Mobile Led Truck

    Jingchuan 20 Foot Container Mobile Led Truck

    Jingchuan 20 foot container mobile led truck is a new and convenient mobile display shop(window)for enterprise product display and brand promotion. This product is equipped with a 4480×1920mm outdoor LED full-color screen at the top of the container, whose screen can be automatically expanded and recycled for easy operation. Container with lights and widows interior,and it has the products display and business negotiation function.Container car integrates all the shop function form pre-installed in the region of the car, then modified based on the characteristics of activities,and optimize the internal space. Without the traditional stage structures, and remove the time-consuming defect,and it is more effectively and more quickly,which also can closely integrated with other marketing communication means. Jingchuan 20 foot container mobile led truck is a high-end customized product of jingchuan company.
  • JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    The LED clothing display car built by Jingchuan can be used not only as an advertising campaign, but also as a mobile clothing exhibition car according to customer needs. The car is equipped with a silent generator, which can support media playback for more than 20 hours outdoors. It is undoubtedly very convenient for outdoor sales, you can play the required video and video. At the same time, for example, after installing the shelves in the car, it is definitely necessary to have a certain amount of light. At this time, there is no need to worry about the problem of using electricity. Such an LED clothing display car not only has an elegant appearance, but also can display a three-dimensional video animation form, and the playing content is rich and diverse, and the graphic information can be displayed in real time. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, drafting activities, sales show, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can also carry out on-site display, communication, interaction, and a wide range of publicity, effectively obtaining the effect of advertising.
    The clothing industry is often the easiest to accept. The appearance of LED advertising vehicles in the apparel industry has made many people realize the flow of display vehicles, which also promoted the development of clothing manufacturers.
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    High Brightness Advertising Trailer

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