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  • Outdoor Mobile Advertisin Mobile Led Trailer

    Outdoor Mobile Advertisin Mobile Led Trailer

    Jingchuan E-F4 mobile LED trailer is called "sparrows is small, but has all five parts", and is called "BMW mini" in jingchuan trailer series.The overall size of the e-f4 mobile LED advertising trailer is only 2700mm 1800mm 2600mm, less than 5 square meters can be used to park an e-f4, which does not affect the road traffic and saves the cost of site rental for some crowded downtown, square and other occasions.At the same time, the product is equipped with support, hydraulic lifting, rotating and other systems, complete functions;The screen size is 2560mm 1600mm, and the outdoor full-color screen is equipped with ultra-high definition, which can still bring people the best visual picture experience.
  • High Quality Foldable Screen Mobile Led Trailer

    High Quality Foldable Screen Mobile Led Trailer

    JingChuan E-F12 mobile LEDtrailer for the first time appeared in September 2015, Shanghai international LED show, when once the appearance has attracted the attention of many tourists at home and abroad, high-definition waterproof outdoor full color LED, configuration of high-power outdoor stereo, in line with the international mainstream aesthetic appearance design, plus a key to screen, screen automatically for a key inside the function such as folding, makes many clients to the exhibition stand in front of E - F12 mobile LED promotional trailer, to get to know more information about the promotional trailer, this is absolutely a high ratio of outdoor mobile advertising trailers.
  • JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    Jingchuan Mobile VMS LED Trailer are manufactured with innovative technology popularly used for traffic management, council & constructional engineering, mining industry, store advertising and public notice of upcoming events like large meetings and sport events.A multiple of sizes and options are available.
  • High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    High Quality Factory Price Trailer Hook

    Trailer hook is also called trailer ball, is a kind of spherical trailer device, by fixing bracket, spherical towing hook and other accessories, round head, can be used for towing advertising trailer, yacht, motorcycle, trailer, etc.
  • High Quality Holiday Type C RV

    High Quality Holiday Type C RV

    For those who love cross-country and travel, the touring car is a real "home on wheels", which makes traveling and enjoying the sense of belonging at the same time, and also makes it a reality. This fashion product of "travel in life, travel in life" has been popular in western countries such as Europe and America for many years, and now it is gradually gaining popularity in China.
  • Wholesale High Quality Trailer Jack

    Wholesale High Quality Trailer Jack

    Trailer jack are mainly used in advertising trailer, trailer trailer, car screen and other trailer chassis quick parking support, lifting, etc.
  • Factory Price Outdoor Mobile Exhibition Truck

    Factory Price Outdoor Mobile Exhibition Truck

    The full-automatic EKR3360 mobile exhibition truck created by JCT selects omarco, a high-end brand of foton automobile group, as its mobile chassis. With the world's top cummins super power, it boasts spacious driving space and broad vision.It is a fully automatic display and publicity vehicle specially developed for customers' outdoor activities such as commodity display, art performance, mobile road show, brand promotion and on-site promotion.JCT LED mobile exhibition truck is committed to creating a mobile experience store, breaking through the traditional interior decoration, mobile and convenient, can change the location, change information at any time, without installation and disassembly, lifting screen automatic hydraulic lifting, can be raised 1700cm after the push and pull glass door, the box is equipped with air conditioning, so that customers have a comfortable experience.
  • JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

    JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

    JingChuan 40 square meters container stage truck is equipped with a large screen, which suitable for large events and TV stations as live, rebroadcast. The screen adopts outdoor p6 high definition full color screen, with an area of up to 40㎡, It can realize such functions as remote live broadcasting, rebroadcasting and joint broadcasting。The large LED screen can be rotated 360 degrees and folded up and down, which can be folded into a small screen and put into the truck box. It is equipped with automatic hydraulic lifting, which can reach 11 meters after lifting.
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    Food Advertising Mobile Trailer

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