Custom 13m Container Advertising Truck

Products:Custom 13m Container Advertising Truck

  • Jingchuan 20 Foot Container Mobile Led Truck

    Jingchuan 20 Foot Container Mobile Led Truck

    Jingchuan 20 foot container mobile led truck is a new and convenient mobile display shop(window)for enterprise product display and brand promotion. This product is equipped with a 4480×1920mm outdoor LED full-color screen at the top of the container, whose screen can be automatically expanded and recycled for easy operation. Container with lights and widows interior,and it has the products display and business negotiation function.Container car integrates all the shop function form pre-installed in the region of the car, then modified based on the characteristics of activities,and optimize the internal space. Without the traditional stage structures, and remove the time-consuming defect,and it is more effectively and more quickly,which also can closely integrated with other marketing communication means. Jingchuan 20 foot container mobile led truck is a high-end customized product of jingchuan company.
  • Outdoor mobile led advertising trailer

    Outdoor mobile led advertising trailer

    Jingchuan EF16T mobile LED advertising trailers were added some new design philosophy in original foundation by Jingchuan company. E-F16T is a new customized product lunched in 2019,and which is positioning in overseas markets. EF16T mobile LED advertising trailer not only with the conventional double folding, hydraulic lift, 360 ° rotation, and other functions,but also added a container body concept, the full integration of all the equipment in a body. The advantage of this design is that guarantee the safety of the parking equipment and transportation convenience.Humanized design bring a new user experience.
  • JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    Jingchuan Mobile VMS LED Trailer are manufactured with innovative technology popularly used for traffic management, council & constructional engineering, mining industry, store advertising and public notice of upcoming events like large meetings and sport events.A multiple of sizes and options are available.
  • Wholesale Low Price Mobile Led Trailer

    Wholesale Low Price Mobile Led Trailer

    JCT E - F6 mobile LED trailer is 18 years JingChuan company launch trailer series is a new product, the mobile LED promotional trailer on the basis of E - F4 increasing the surface area LED screen display, the screen size is 3200 mm * 1920 mm, visual images shock feeling stronger, at the same time compared with E - making equivalent series products, it required area smaller, easier to park road in the crowded situation, flexible transformation parking place.
  • Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Jingchuan E-W3360 led mobile truck is customized and modified with foton omacho special base plate and LED outdoor full-color energy-saving screen. E-W3360 mobile advertising car is drivable with blue card C with a body length of less than 6 meters. The chassis design of small models enables it to move freely in the city after being registered and licensed, without any negative impact of road rushing and road blocking.Jingchuan e-w3360led mobile truck is equipped with multimedia playing system, supporting U disk playing, supporting mainstream video format, can move freely, timely change information and change the communication strategy and location of the advertising terminal;It plays the role of commodity publicity and customer attraction. It is a new advertisement communication carrier integrating advertisement, information release and TV broadcast. It is the preferred vehicle for the promotion of users.
  • High Quality Holiday Type C RV

    High Quality Holiday Type C RV

    For those who love cross-country and travel, the touring car is a real "home on wheels", which makes traveling and enjoying the sense of belonging at the same time, and also makes it a reality. This fashion product of "travel in life, travel in life" has been popular in western countries such as Europe and America for many years, and now it is gradually gaining popularity in China.
  • Outdoor Mobile Advertising Led Container Truck

    Outdoor Mobile Advertising Led Container Truck

    JingChuan custom build of the E - C40 LED container trucks all use chassis of semi-trailer stage to be modified production, stage large LED outdoor full color, the car configuration screen can reach 40 square, suitable for large events as a live broadcast, broadcast and television, can realize remote broadcast, broadcast, screen can rotate 360 degrees turn, fold into double screen into the box body, after rising up to 11 meters high, with automatic folding stage, up to more than 20 square, which can realize small performance.
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    Custom 13m Container Advertising Truck

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