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  • Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale

    Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale

    In overseas markets, LED advertising vehicle is at a high speed development and the rise of growth stage, the current LED advertising cars made in China cost about 30% of the overseas similar products - 50%, this let us have a greater competitive advantage on price, while countries "neighbourhood" policy in "escort" for us, help us to develop the overseas market smoothly;A large number of outdoor LED media operators keep emerging in overseas markets. Under the situation of continuous technological innovation, price decline and huge potential market, LED advertising vehicles will be more widely used, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life.And in this drive, LED advertising car industry will get more opportunities to develop, maintain the good momentum of vigorous development. However, at present, many countries and regions prohibit the import of powered chassis from other countries. Facing this situation, our jingchuan company designed and produced this e-tw4700 LED advertising car without powered chassis, which is specially designed for regional customer groups who cannot import powered chassis.
  • Factory Supply Hydraulic Brake Connector

    Factory Supply Hydraulic Brake Connector

    Australian impact type hydraulic brake connector(Trailer Coupler), with parking brake lever, the material is ductile iron casting parts, with 50mm ball head, mainly used in advertising trailer, trailer, trailer screen and other trailer chassis.
  • JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    The LED clothing display car built by Jingchuan can be used not only as an advertising campaign, but also as a mobile clothing exhibition car according to customer needs. The car is equipped with a silent generator, which can support media playback for more than 20 hours outdoors. It is undoubtedly very convenient for outdoor sales, you can play the required video and video. At the same time, for example, after installing the shelves in the car, it is definitely necessary to have a certain amount of light. At this time, there is no need to worry about the problem of using electricity. Such an LED clothing display car not only has an elegant appearance, but also can display a three-dimensional video animation form, and the playing content is rich and diverse, and the graphic information can be displayed in real time. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, drafting activities, sales show, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can also carry out on-site display, communication, interaction, and a wide range of publicity, effectively obtaining the effect of advertising.
    The clothing industry is often the easiest to accept. The appearance of LED advertising vehicles in the apparel industry has made many people realize the flow of display vehicles, which also promoted the development of clothing manufacturers.
  • Factory Price Outdoor Mobile Exhibition Truck

    Factory Price Outdoor Mobile Exhibition Truck

    The full-automatic EKR3360 mobile exhibition truck created by JCT selects omarco, a high-end brand of foton automobile group, as its mobile chassis. With the world's top cummins super power, it boasts spacious driving space and broad vision.It is a fully automatic display and publicity vehicle specially developed for customers' outdoor activities such as commodity display, art performance, mobile road show, brand promotion and on-site promotion.JCT LED mobile exhibition truck is committed to creating a mobile experience store, breaking through the traditional interior decoration, mobile and convenient, can change the location, change information at any time, without installation and disassembly, lifting screen automatic hydraulic lifting, can be raised 1700cm after the push and pull glass door, the box is equipped with air conditioning, so that customers have a comfortable experience.
  • New Product Intelligent Remote Control Mobile Led Advertising Trailer

    New Product Intelligent Remote Control Mobile Led Advertising Trailer

    JCT e-f16 mobile LED advertising trailer is launched by jingchuan company in order to meet the customized needs of domestic and foreign customers. The screen size of 5120 3200mm can meet the needs of customers for super large screen.Compared with the same type of e-f22 rhubarb, e-f16 mobile LED advertising trailer is smaller in size and requires less floor space.E-f16 brand new fashion appearance design with black sense of technology, and set support, hydraulic lifting, rotation and other functions in one of the humane considerate service, to bring customers and target audience a new sensory experience.
  • JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    Jingchuan Mobile VMS LED Trailer are manufactured with innovative technology popularly used for traffic management, council & constructional engineering, mining industry, store advertising and public notice of upcoming events like large meetings and sport events.A multiple of sizes and options are available.
  • Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Jingchuan E-W3360 led mobile truck is customized and modified with foton omacho special base plate and LED outdoor full-color energy-saving screen. E-W3360 mobile advertising car is drivable with blue card C with a body length of less than 6 meters. The chassis design of small models enables it to move freely in the city after being registered and licensed, without any negative impact of road rushing and road blocking.Jingchuan e-w3360led mobile truck is equipped with multimedia playing system, supporting U disk playing, supporting mainstream video format, can move freely, timely change information and change the communication strategy and location of the advertising terminal;It plays the role of commodity publicity and customer attraction. It is a new advertisement communication carrier integrating advertisement, information release and TV broadcast. It is the preferred vehicle for the promotion of users.
  • Outdoor Mobile Advertising Led Container Truck

    Outdoor Mobile Advertising Led Container Truck

    JingChuan custom build of the E - C40 LED container trucks all use chassis of semi-trailer stage to be modified production, stage large LED outdoor full color, the car configuration screen can reach 40 square, suitable for large events as a live broadcast, broadcast and television, can realize remote broadcast, broadcast, screen can rotate 360 degrees turn, fold into double screen into the box body, after rising up to 11 meters high, with automatic folding stage, up to more than 20 square, which can realize small performance.
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