We have been on the road Jingchuan Caravan to help 2018 DELO

Lubricating oil National Tour event
About Delo Lubricating oil National Tour
Caltex Delo’s lubricating oil is the first lubricant brand in the world that has set a record of 1.6 million kilometers without overhaul on large engines (Caterpillar engines). As a well-known diesel engine oil brand in the word, Delo chose our Jingchuan company to create a caravan for them that fits their company's image and theme. We opened the “2018 Delo Lubrication National Tour” activity together so that users can experience the excellent performance of Caltex Delo’s products protection engine and extend the life of the engine. It builds a friendly bridge between the brand and the user, let more users to feel and understand Delo, helping them to extend vehicle life, reduce maintenance costs, and constantly refreshes further records together with Delo!


About Jingchuan Caravan
Jingchuan LED caravan has huge advantages that traditional advertising media does not have, and has more highlights than traditional media:
1.Mobile: Where many people go , where to broadcast and publicize. You can go wherever you want;
2. Attraction: It is a striking and beautiful scenery everywhere. Unlike traditional advertising, it can attract countless people's eyes in an instant;
3. Effect: gorgeous color, strong visual impact, huge screen, strong publicity effect, incomparable with any print media, and equipped with high-end surround sound, it can be described as both audio and video;
4. Convenience: Compared with traditional advertising media, there is no need to waste too much manpower and material resources, one-button operation, LED automatic hydraulic lifting large screen, fully automatic hydraulic expansion stage, fast construction, safe and convenient;
5. Innovation: advertising must be innovative, effective, advertising is the effect, and advertising without effect not as good as not advertising. Jingchuan caravan is a professional service to maximize the efficiency of advertising for customers;


About Jingchuan Company
Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cultural technology company specializing in LED advertising vehicles, propaganda vehicles, mobile stage vehicles, RV development, production, sales, advertising car rental, and vehicle commercial operations. www.jcledtrailer.com


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