Mobile LED truck features

Mobile LED truck features:

Mobile LED truck can be installed at the gate of your company, in the square, in the community...Always park.

Innovation effectiveness: get rid of the shackles of traditional media fixed point, and change the communication strategy according to different products and audiences.

Convenient and flexible: can move freely, lift freely, do not need to use a variety of complicated equipment to assemble and build a platform, only one LED outdoor mobile advertising car can solve all.

Low cost: no need to buy expensive video and other hardware equipment, no need to hire professional and technical personnel, and no need to rent various audio-visual equipment and stage required by activities.You only need to pay a low rental fee, we can solve everything for you, so that you can use the stable, professional and high-quality LED outdoor mobile advertising car at any time.

Environmental protection and safety: environmental protection and energy saving, not affected by the weather, all-weather safe operation.The setting and resetting of traditional outdoor media requires a lot of resources.However, LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles have no such problems and have no environmental burden for urban construction.


Press conference: press conference, product press conference, channel merchants conference, press conference, etc.

Activity roadshow: promotional activities, public relations activities, product promotion, brand promotion, talent show, sales show, etc.

Live broadcast: sports events, concerts, concerts, etc.

Parade display: product promotion parade, building opening parade, etc.

Exhibitions: exhibitions, expositions, exhibitions, etc.

BBS lectures: BBS, conferences, lectures, etc.

Celebration ceremony: building opening ceremony, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, festival celebration, launching ceremony, cutting ribbon and laying foundation ceremony, award ceremony, etc.

Other applications: wedding broadcast, auction, etc.

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