Jingchuan mobile led display truck stage car boost ghd Tmall international wonderful enjoy the daily promotion activities

On August 16th, 2019, the first-line hairdressing brand ghd from the United Kingdom and Tmall International held a new product “Ghd Flames Red Limited Edition Exclusive Gift Box” at Shanghai Xintiandi Square and the promotion of ghd “Tmall International Wonderful Day” offline.  On the scene of the event, a cool black stage car mobile led display truck was transformed into a mobile brand display stand for ghd's event, bringing quality products and faster and more extreme styling experience to consumers.
Ghd was founded in the UK in 2001 and is a British professional hair styling brand. Ghd has cutting-edge hairdressing technology and a dedicated laboratory in Cambridge, England. Each ghd product has a stylish shape and design that leads the trend. Since its inception, ghd has won numerous awards, becoming a professional hair styling brand popular with professional hair stylists and celebrities, as well as international fashion shows such as Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2016 & 2017), Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, etc. Officially designated styling tools, the fashion style world.



Ghd merchants on the stage car to show the audience live ghd new hair straightener brings a fast and ultimate styling experience
Stage car introduction
The stage car can move freely within the city, and it does not have the negative impact of robbing the road and blocking the road. The so-called light and convenient can truly realize the accompanying broadcast of advertisements and can penetrate all corners of the city;
Jingchuan stage car multimedia control system, support U disk playback, mainstream video, picture format, can be extended to achieve remote playback, real-time, insert, loop and other playback modes. And support remote control volume, time switch light function, enough to meet the needs of various places. With so many advantages, more and more first-line brand merchants have chosen the stage car as a new weapon to launch the promotion.
The above is the introduction of this small series for the promotion of the gand stage car to help the ghd "Tmall International Wonderful Day" offline, want to know more about the stage car information can call Jingchuan company sales hotline: 400-858-5818 ; more content please visit:http://www.jcledtrailer.com/


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