Jingchuan mobile led display truck overseas development prospects

Mobile led display truck give the world a different wonderful.mobile led display truck is an organic combination of car and large LED display screen, three-dimensional video animation form, rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphic information, mobile advertising can be a new type of media.

We are tired of seeing the static paint advertisements on the plane of the bus body, and we don't notice the bus passing slowly.As advertisers, also tired of this form of advertising, because its advertising effect is not very big.LED car advertisement is a new type of transmission medium, it is like a mobile TV, rolling back and forth communication between the masses and the radiation range of advertising and the intensity is unmatched by traditional media, it not only overcomes some birth defects of the traditional media, and the street is very beautiful beautiful scenery such as the traditional advertising media, timeliness and regional restrictions, as the audience, only in a specific time period, specific areas to see advertising, the advertising period or location, might see, greatly affected the expected effect of advertising. 



At present, the cost of LED advertising cars manufactured in China is about 30%-50% of that of similar overseas products, which gives us a big competitive advantage in selling price. The national "One Belt And One Road" policy is escorting us and helping us to develop overseas markets smoothly.A large number of outdoor LED media operators keep emerging in overseas markets. Under the situation of continuous technological innovation, price reduction and huge potential market, LED advertising vehicles will be more widely used, not only in public life, commercial activities, but also into every aspect of our life.Driven by this, LED advertising car industry will get more opportunities to maintain a positive momentum of vigorous development.
In the overseas market, mobile led display truck are in a stage of rapid development and growth. I believe that in the near future, LED advertising cars will be applied in more fields. At the same time, various new products of LED advertising cars will emerge in the market, bringing better, more convenient and energy-saving experience to domestic and foreign consumers.http://www.jcledtrailer.com/


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