Jingchuan mobile led display truck helps Han Teng car to open dream by dream journey

 Now is the golden age of advertising. It can't be advertised by traditional promotion methods alone. For many companies, the ordinary advertising mode has been unable to meet their needs, they are more inclined to use LED advertising vehicles to promote corporate brand image and its products.

From fixed media advertising to LED advertising vehicles, the user chooses our market. This is indeed the case. The mobile led display truck is very mobile and is not restricted by geographical boundaries. It can travel in every corner of the city, with a very wide range. Wide, regardless of time and line restrictions, portable advertising can transmit information to the masses anytime and anywhere, which is unmatched by other advertisements.


The birth of LED advertising vehicles undoubtedly opened up a broader road for the development of the automotive industry. This innovative approach is very beneficial to the development of the automotive industry.


Han Teng Auto, we ordered a batch of LED advertising vehicles from our Jingchuan. They used the advertising vehicles to do the push activities at various distribution points, which brought a strong response.


The above is the introduction of this Xiaobian for Jingchuan LED advertising car to help Han Teng car to open the "dream-by-dream" campaign, want to know more about LED advertising car information can call Jingchuan company sales hotline: 400-858- 5818.


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