Jingchuan large mobile led display truck once again appeared in Hainan Island Tournament

In Hainan, Baomeiling in Changjiang is relatively famous, but with the expansion of an event, this nature reserve has become the focus of attention - the 18th 13th Hainan Island International Road Cycling Tournament For the first time, the summit sprint stage was set up, and the steep scenery of Baomeiling was spread all over the world through TV footage.

The round-the-island race started on October 23 with a total of 9 stages and will be at 31. For the first time, Zhangzhou took the lead in the city, the unique carnival activities, the tens of thousands of people cheering along the way, and the cooperation of various departments. This event was in the local fire.



It is not only the exciting events, the hard-working athletes, but also the large-scale mobile led display truck E-C40 broadcasts provided by Jingchuan. In front of the live LED outdoor broadcast car, surrounded by the crowd watching the game. This event has attracted much attention. The CCTV 5 sets of satellite TV broadcast live on the round-the-island race, and 186 countries and regions watched the game simultaneously. What everyone can think of is that the audience who cheered on the racers on the scene can also pass the LED outdoor. The live broadcast car watched the live game, and gave the audience a good view at the scene. The large LED container-type advertising vehicle E-C40 provided by Jingchuan has a screen of more than 40 square meters and can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The car has a length of 13 meters, the screen rises to three floors, and comes with a generator, which is very automated.www.jcledtrailer.com


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