Jingchuan LED mobile video advertising truck helps the DNF Carnival carnival feast

On November 24th, the 2018 DNF Carnival was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Sports Center. Under the eyes of the public, the sixth professional league opened the championship battle, F1 Uranus replayed the match between China and South Korea, and the DNF DPL League finals competed for the king. At the event, a red LED mobile video advertising truck was particularly eye-catching. This is a suit for the Warriors to add a suit BUFF to the Warriors, and specially used this LED advertising cart to pull a truck suit. The Warriors who participated in this DNF Carnival can get a free suit in front of our LED advertising car as long as they present their invitation letter.


"Dungeon and Warriors" as the forerunner of the global 2D horizontal fighting online game (MMOACT), with the innovative concept and gameplay of the classic arcade game network has become a milestone in the history of global online game development. In this carnival event, the head of Jolin (Jolin) came to the scene, SNH48 performed the theme song "The Devil" of the sorcerer's magician, and the new version of DNF was released. The release of Guochuang's works and the second season of animation were released one after another, and together with all the warriors, the annual feast was opened.

People rely on clothing to wear Buddhas in gold, the Warriors have Haishu House suit plus BUFF, advertising has Jingchuan LED advertising car exclusive for you. The 2018 DNF Carnival has been fully fired, called the former comrades, went to the DNF annual feast, and the carnival is now.http://www.jcledtrailer.com/


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