Jingchuan E F16LED mobile video advertising truck MEET Prince Harry appeared in Sydney Invictus Game Games

  The Invictus Game was founded in 1969 by Prince Harry and the international sports competition was held exclusively for wounded soldiers and veterans. The Olympic Games will be held in Sydney, Australia from October 20th to 27th, when Prince Harry and Megan will unveil the Games. Australian epower Media will be the designated digital video supplier for the event. During this period of time, the mobile video advertising truck will be produced and produced by Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in China.
E-F16 mobile video advertising truck produced by Taizhou Jingchuan
Its advantages:
1. mobile video advertising truck Adopt German German AIKO towed chassis as carrier, flexible control, safe and reliable, no need to worry about;
2. The new system with integrated support, hydraulic lifting and rotating functions can realize the 360-degree visible range of the LED screen without dead angle, and further enhance the communication effect, especially suitable for crowded occasions such as downtown, gatherings, outdoor sports events, etc.
3. The multimedia system can realize live broadcast, live broadcast, equipped with stage professional audio, and can be used for small karaoke singing and other functions on the spot;
4. The built-in TV receiving device can broadcast the program synchronously with the TV station, and also achieve live broadcast of the live screen.

Model introduction:
1. Dimensions: 7020×2100×2500mm, drawbar is 1500;
2, LED outdoor full color display (P6) size: 5120 × 3200mm;
3, lifting system: Italy imported hydraulic cylinder, stroke 2000mm;
4. Inverting mechanism: turning the hydraulic pressure of the mechanism;
5, the total weight: 3380KG;
6, equipped with Lingxin LS-VP1000U, support U disk playback, support for mainstream video formats;
7, intelligent timing power-on system, can be turned on or off for the LED screen;
8, can be equipped with a light control system, can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED display according to the intensity of light;
9, input voltage 380V, 32A;

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