Jingchuan Caravan mobile led display truck helps China Good Voice launch 2019 launch tour event

From 2012 to 2019, "China Good Voice" accompanied us for 7 years. Every summer, we held a small bench and waited for the show. This program also brought out many well-known singers. "China Good Voice 2019" is about to Open! ! ! ?


Mobile led display truck "China Good Voice" officially launched a new round of start-up caravan tour activities, and cooperated with Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. At this event, the Jingchuan caravan mobile led display truck avatars a good voice advertising vehicle, led the rest of the car to form a parade fleet, open the tour and fixed-point publicity activities.


Na Ying’s co-pilot sitting in the caravan was in close contact with the masses and the media, and was enthusiastic about the publicity.
The mobile led display truck can operate freely in the city, and it has no negative impact on the roads and blocked roads. The so-called light and convenient can truly realize the accompanying broadcast of advertisements and penetrate into every corner of the city.


The multimedia control system of Jingchuan Carriage supports U disk playback, mainstream video and picture formats, and can be extended to achieve remote playback, real-time, insert, loop and other playback modes. And support remote control volume, time switch light function, enough to meet the needs of various places. With so many advantages, many movie and TV variety shows use the caravan as a new weapon to launch the promotion. This is the introduction of this small series for the promotion of "China Good Voice" caravan, and want to know more about the caravan. Information can be sent to Jingchuan company sales hotline: 400-858-5818;http://www.jcledtrailer.com/


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