Jingchuan Caravan helps Ford to open 2019 China East China Mobile led display truck tour

On April 4, 2019, Ford Motor officially opened another round of the East China Caravan mobile led display truck tour, which is another collaboration with Jingchuan after the last Ford Caravan National Tour. At the event, the Jingchuan caravan was led by the Ford advertising car, and the Ford models of the car formed a parade fleet to open the tour and designated promotional activities.

The car mobile led display truck can move freely in the city, and it has no negative impact on the road and blocked roads. It can truly realize the accompanying broadcast of advertisements and penetrate into every corner of the city. Mobile led display truck this advantage makes more and more car brands. Use the caravan as a new weapon to promote the brand.
The above is the introduction of Ford Motor's East China Caravan Tour event. If you want to know more about the caravan information, you can call Jingchuan Company's sales hotline: 400-858-5818;




Jingchuan advertising trucks assist Ford Motor to open East China tour activities in 2019
On April 4th, 2019, Ford Motor officially opened a new round of tour activities of advertising trucks in East China, and this was the second cooperation between Ford Motor and Jingchuan ltd. At this event, trucks from Jingchuan formed a cruise fleet with various models Of motors from Ford together, taking exhibition and fixed-point publicity activities.
Advertising trucks can move freely in the city without jamming the road, which can spread the advertisement deeply into every corner of the city. Such a great advantage makes more and more motor companies choose advertising trucks as the new edge tool to promote brands.
Above is the introduction about tour activities held by Ford Motor. To learn more about advertising trucks of Jingchuan, please call this number: 400-858-5818.http://www.jcledtrailer.com/


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