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Jingchuan e-p7100 tractor-type LED advertisement trailer, also known as beetle LED publicity vehicle, debuted at the entrance of the "European Union pavilion" at the 2008 Shanghai world expo. It introduced the eu to visitors, promoted Europe, played a role in promoting and promoting the world expo, and was known as the "eye of the eu pavilion".E-p7100 tractor-type LED advertisment trailer realizes low-carbon, self-moving and humanized driving system, which is greatly welcomed by users.The spacious driving space of this car improves the comfort of driving, the fool control system is simple to use, the turn signal is perfectly integrated into the product design, and the whole car is both beautiful and safe!

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Description of this High Quality Tractor Type Led Advertisement Trailer
E-p7100 tractor-type LED advertisement Mobile Exhibition Trailer screen adopts outdoor hd P6 energy-saving hoisting display screen, achieving higher definition and lower energy consumption. Custom Tractor Type Trailer breaks the traditional technical concept in the heat dissipation system. At the same time, it is equipped with the highest protection, convenient installation, front assembly and hoisting process, etc.The screen can be used for one screen at a time. Tractor Type Mobile Exhibition Trailer can be used for picture in picture, wireless control and remote control. It can bring strong audio-visual experience with high-power audio equipment.Military audio-visual integrated control system to ensure smooth and stable operation, compatibility support various types of audio and video files, can experience a new picture teaching.

Super wide screen perfect experience  Beetles LED vehicle using 12 ㎡ full color outdoor LED screen,High Quality Led Advertisement Trailer mainstream 16:9 widescreen display on the screen size and resolution to achieve perfect balance, bring strong audio-visual experience with high-power stereo equipment;Military audio-visual integrated control system to ensure smooth and stable operation, compatibility support various types of audio and video files.    

The outdoor soldier is fearless of wind and rain  Considering the factors of outdoor operation, the designer makes a reasonable proportion of the weight of the whole vehicle, takes full account of the drainage factor, sets the fixed supporting legs, and carries out the waterproof design in the key parts;The enclosure is made of all steel, and the design standards for resistance, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, capsizing resistance and rain resistance are improved across the board to ensure that it is ahead of the industry standards.

Streamline appearance elegant and simple  On the basis of functional improvement, the designer also gives consideration to the appreciation of the car body. The car has smooth lines, simple and elegant style, which is suitable for various environments. At the same time, sufficient space is reserved for the personalized decoration of the product. 
Import hydraulic lifting safety and stability  Adopt the imported hydraulic lifting system to be safe and stable, the journey can reach 2000mm;The height of LED screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure that the audience can get the best viewing Angle.
Pictures of this High Quality Tractor Type Led Advertisement Trailer



Parameters of this High Quality Tractor Type Led Advertisement Trailer






External Dimension



Solid rubber tires

Total Weight



battery drive, steering wheel, brake oil, The journey can be 70 km

LED Screen

Screen Size


Dot Pitch

6 mm

Module Size



≥7500cd/ m²

Max Power



Average Power







Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System

Hydraulic  Lifting


Lifting Range 2000mm,bearing 3T

Wing-against Level

Against Level 8wind after screen lift up 2000mm

Supporting leg

Stretch distance 300mm

Power parameter

Input Voltage

Three-phase five-wire 380V

Output Voltage




Average power consumption


Multimedia Control System


Support 8-way signal input

Media player

with various kinds of common used video connector, be available for PC, camera and etc.





Specification of technical parameters

1. Overall dimensions: 7100*1820*3550mm
2. LED outdoor full-color display screen (P10) size: 4800x2400mm
3. Scissor lift system: hydraulic cylinder imported from Italy, stroke 2000mm.
4. Power consumption (average consumption) : 0.5 / m/H, total average consumption.
5. Equipped with front-end video processing system for live broadcast or retransmission of programs and ball games, there are 8 channels, and the screen can be switched at will.
6. The intelligent timing power on system can turn on or off the LED screen.
7. Equipped with multimedia playback system, support U disk playback, support mainstream video format, support circular playback, interstitials, timing playback and other functions
8. Input voltage 380V, starting current 30A.
9. Equipped with battery power supply, green environmental protection, no pollution, no noise, zero emissions. 
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