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EF4 solar mobile led trailer first arrange solar, LED outdoor full color screen and mobile advertising trailers to integrated into an organic whole, breaking the previous mobile trailer LED power supply need to find an external power supply or carry the limitation of generator, directly use solar energy independent power supply mode, high performance, uninterrupted power supply, more conducive to environmental protection, in line with the new energy and energy saving policy, safe and reliable, without maintenance.

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360 rotated led screen Integration support,hydraulic lifting, rotating system, JCT company self-developed rotating guide pillar can realize LED visual range 360 ° no dead Angle, further enhance communication effect, and Mobile Led Display Trailer is especially suitable for city, assembly, crowded occasion applications such as outdoor sports field.

Fashionable appearance, dynamic technology Instead of the streamline style of previous products, the body adopts frameless design with clean and neat lines and sharp edges, fully reflecting the sense of science and technology and modern sense.Especially suitable for traffic conductor, pop show, fashion show, electronic automobile new product release, etc..

Import hydraulic lifting,safety and stability Adopt the imported hydraulic lifting system, safe and stable, the journey can reach 1000mm;The height of LED screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure that the audience can get the best viewing Angle.

Unique traction bar design  Equipped with inertial device and hand brake, usinCustom Commercial Advertising Trailer can be towed to move, where more people to which broadcast and publicity; Choose the mechanical structure of manual support legs, easy and fast operation.

Solar battery power supply 3 pcs 240W solar panel, for example  the effective time of power generation is calculated as 5 hours per day, 340*3*5=5100W, Solar Mobile Led Display Trailer power supply could lasts for 2 days. High Quality Advertising Mobile Trailer Sunny day are sustainable and battery: 24V 300AH, total 7200W.

Independent power supply, high performance, uninterrupted power supply, not limited by geographical location, safe and reliable, no pollution, no noise, environmental beauty, Custom Mobile Advertising Trailer without too much maintenance.

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Parameters of this Cheap Price Solar Mobile Led Trailer

Brand JCT External Dimension 2700mm(L)×1800mm(W)×2600mm(H)
Brake Handle/Hydraulic Tire Solid rubber tires
Supporting legs 4pcs    
LED energy saving screen
Screen SIZE 2560mm(W)*1600mm(H) Dot Pitch 10 mm
Module Size 320mm(W)*320mm(H) Brightness ≥6000cd/ m²
Max Power  150w/㎡ Lifespan 100,000hours
Hydraulic lifting System
Hydraulic  Lifting Lifting Range 1000mm
Hydraulic Rotating System Screen can rotate 360degrees
Wing-against Level Against Level 8wind after screen lift up 1000mm
Power parameter
Power System 48V,50AH battery life ≥6hours
Inverter 2000W coulombmeter 1
Input Voltage 220V Output Voltage 48V
Current 15A Average power consumption 0.5kwh/㎡
Solar Panel  1000*2000mm*3    
Multimedia Control System
Optional configuration LED Screen& Battery power & mechanical transmission is optional
1.size: 2700×1800×2600mm, Inertial device:400mm, tow bar:1000mm
2.Outdoor full color energy saving LED screen (P10) size: 2560*1600mm
3.Lift system: Italy import hydraulic cylinders, lift up:1000mm
4.Power consumption (average consumption) : 160W/full screen (measured).
5.Multimedia video system: Support 4G,U disk, mainstream video format. 
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