JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

JingChuan 40 square meters container stage truck is equipped with a large screen, which suitable for large events and TV stations as live, rebroadcast. The screen adopts outdoor p6 high definition full color screen, with an area of up to 40㎡, It can realize such functions as remote live broadcasting, rebroadcasting and joint broadcasting。The large LED screen can be rotated 360 degrees and folded up and down, which can be folded into a small screen and put into the truck box. It is equipped with automatic hydraulic lifting, which can reach 11 meters after lifting.

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Description of this JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

It is big and mobile Collection card drive and space superiority, will form pre-installed in the car all the stage area, at the specified location for activities simply operation, can complete all kinds of display: large terminal promotion, large cultural tour, mobile exhibition, mobile cinema, such as ignoring the time limit to make everything is possible.

Sophisticated integration and efficient execution The new cutting-edge integrated design concept is no longer satisfied with a single media broadcast, nor is it simply loaded, but according to the characteristics of the activity through modification, internal space optimization, no traditional stage construction and disassembly time consuming defects, more effective and faster.And other marketing communication means can be closely combined to achieve functional derivatives, professional TV editing equipment on-site studio car, equipped with professional entertainment equipment mobile carnival, mobile KTV, or according to the needs of brand customers can be modified into a brand theme store.

Pictures of this JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck




Parameters of this JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck


40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck


Total mass




Container Box

The dragon bone


Exterior decoration

Bee cochlea board

Interior decoration

aluminum plastic board



Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System

Hydraulic Lifting System

Lifting range 5000mm, bearing 12000KGS

LED display hydraulic lift cylinder and guide post

2 big sleeves, one 4-stage cylinder, travel distance 5500mm

Hydraulic Rotary support

Hydraulic motor + rotary mechanism

Four hydraulic support legs


Hydraulic pump station and control system


Hydraulic remote control


Conductive ring

Custom type

Standard parts



Other accessories


The steel structure

LED screen fixed steel structure

Custom type

The paint

Car paint, 80% black

LED Outdoor Full Screen (P5)

Screen dimension




receiving card


Dot pitch

5 mm

Electrical system

Electrical appliances and cables

Whole car wiring

Multimedia system

S-25 directional speakers for square


CA18full frequency amplifier for square


Custom cabinets


Automatic control

Siemens PLC PLC PLC 6es7-200 CPU 226 relay module

Power parameter

Input Voltage


Output Voltage




Average power consumption


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