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In overseas markets, LED advertising vehicle is at a high speed development and the rise of growth stage, the current LED advertising cars made in China cost about 30% of the overseas similar products - 50%, this let us have a greater competitive advantage on price, while countries "neighbourhood" policy in "escort" for us, help us to develop the overseas market smoothly;A large number of outdoor LED media operators keep emerging in overseas markets. Under the situation of continuous technological innovation, price decline and huge potential market, LED advertising vehicles will be more widely used, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life.And in this drive, LED advertising car industry will get more opportunities to develop, maintain the good momentum of vigorous development. However, at present, many countries and regions prohibit the import of powered chassis from other countries. Facing this situation, our jingchuan company designed and produced this e-tw4700 LED advertising car without powered chassis, which is specially designed for regional customer groups who cannot import powered chassis.

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Can match any power chassis  For regional customers who cannot import power chassis, our e-tw4700 LED advertising vehicle without power chassis can meet the needs of customers.As long as the customer provides the relevant parameter information of the power chassis to be matched, we can produce LED advertising car body specifically. After receiving the product, the customer only needs to assemble the LED advertising car body and power chassis, and then it can be used normally and put into operation.
Customized production as you wish  This e-tw4700 LED advertising car is equipped with hd outdoor LED full color screen, with its own generator power supply system and multimedia playback system.This model can be customized according to customer needs, such as LED large screen can choose single or double lift;Screen box can choose single screen or triple screen, screen area at the same time also can accept custom, otherwise the same type E - TW3360 (screen area of about 7 ㎡) type LED advertising cars to choose from.
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Parameters of this Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale



Hydraulic Lifting System

Hydraulic Lifting  System

Lifting Range 2000mm,bearing 3T

Wing-against Level

Against Level 8wind after screen lift up 2000mm

Supporting leg

Stretch distance 300mm

Silent Generator Group



Number of


Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder

LED Screen

Screen Size


Dot Pitch

6 mm

Module Size



≥7500cd/ m²

Max Power



Average Power







LED bar scree

Screen Size

Side led:5120mm×480mm

Rear led:1280mm×1760mm

Dot Pitch

10 mm

Dot Pitch

10 mm


≥5000cd/ m²





Roller light box

Canvas size


Roller Diameter

100 mm

Motor Power


Control modes

Intelligent remote

Power parameter

Input Voltage

Three-phase five-wire 380V

Output Voltage




Average power consumption


Multimedia Control System

Video Processor

Support 8-way signal input,4output,fluent video source switching

Media player

with various kinds of common used video connector, be available for PC, camera and etc.





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